Come, Take a Look

How did you hear about Axis Space?

If you were referred by someone, please let us know who :)

I want to come in on

I want to come in at

8:01 AM  Good morning.

Is that fresh brewed coffee? Indeed.

Feeling productive, feeling inspired.

What do you feel like today?

Collaboration or solo work / Couch or desk / Indoors or outdoors / Sugar or no sugar?

Exceptional water view? Check.

What is everybody else up to? Yes, your newfound working neighbors.

They get to decide where they work from, they are freaking driven, and they are here... like you.

Why? Because we shouldn't have to work in isolation even if we're on our own.

Just because we don't work for each other doesn't mean we can't work together.

We chose to surround ourselves with people, people like us; to belong, to share, to grow off each other.

To take action. To be better together.

8:02 AM  A world of possibilities is waiting for you to come in.

Let's make a fire

In short
We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better.
In shorter
a coworking community
What comes with
the territory

$300 Monthly

Open Workspace

Pay as you go.
What is included?

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$900 or $1500 Monthly

Office & Open Workspace

3 mos or 1 year
1 person or 2 person
What is included?

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$2200 or $2800 Monthly

Big Office & Open Workspace

3 mos or 1 year
2 person / Addtnl Person: $600
What is included?

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The "1" $30 Daily

One full day experience. When you choose to join, it will be credited towards your membership.

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The "BOX" $100 Monthly

Need an address and someone to handle your fan mail? You're on.

Conference Rooms

Meeting field to incubate your ideas with your team or clients.

Space to Host Your Events

From small meetups to big parties. Want a quote and have questions? Shoot.

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