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axis Space

In short
We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better.
In shorter
a workspace
Co-working spaces are the future of the office. As we move toward a new era of work, Axis Space is leading the evolution in comfort and style.

Every detail is meant to inspire your best work yet. Join your peers and competitors in creating/living the competitive edge.
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Join the community where bold minds and brave spirits meet to change the world together. We’ve designed a well-lit and inviting space to inspire your creativity. Soar to new heights of success with our team and your peers. Take inspired action, grow as you scale and be a member of the business community on your terms.
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Axis Space
333 Las Olas Way, CU1
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Mon - Fri | 9am-5pm
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