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How did you hear about us?

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How can I become a member?

Since we're all about the people and trying a different way of working, it's huge to meet first and make sure we're a right fit for each other. Once this happens, you'll be able to apply for membership. Schedule a tour, come check out the space and let's share a cup of coffee.

Why Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is different because it’s home, it's ours. A lot of people go to other cities to follow their path, but this is an open invitation to those who would like to make their own path here, at home.

What is coworking?

What does Axis Space offer that traditional workspaces do not?

Traditional workspaces are exactly that, physical places. The focus is on providing you with amenities, and amenities are fantastic, don’t get us wrong. But traditional workspaces do not focus on fostering the most important element that can really help us grow as people and as professionals: other people. Traditional networking is a dread for most people because there is an agenda to figure out what you can get out of each other, but as Scott Belsky captured so perfectly, sharing is the new networking. Building trust is the first step, and that comes from getting to know someone for who they are not what they do. That is what we believe out here and is what Axis Space is all about.

What does Axis Space offer that other shared workspaces do not?

An open office layout will not help you develop a culture or a community. There is a saying among coworking “philosophers” that a coworking should survive if the place burns down. We obviously hope that never happens with all our might, but that is our north star: coworking is not an office layout, coworking is a about the people that make up the community.
With that said, a lot of thought has been put into the layout, the design, and the furniture, in order to keep people happy, motivated, and healthy. One of the things that we’re really proud of is that everyone will be able to divide their working time between sitting and standing, which is great news for everyone’s health!

If I become part of Axis Space, what is included and what isn't?

All the goodies mentioned in what comes with the territory, which includes a Las Olas mailing address, fast Wi-Fi, prints, variable conference room hours depending on your membership (member-rates for additional hours) and access to a whole lot of perks. Private offices come fully-furnished and include a phone line.

What do you say to critics of coworking who think these spaces are more about socializing and “playing” than an opportunity to be productive?

Everything has it’s pros and its cons. The same argument can be made about joining a gym, it’s a great chance to stay healthy, but if I only hang out and socialize it’s hard to get the exercise in. With open space layouts it is very important to collaborate as much as it is to do solo work. It is as important to meet and nurture new friendships as it is to get your work done. It’s important to stay away from extremes and find balance.The thing is that when you work in isolation, you will miss the opportunity to come across others that can teach you, who you can teach, who may inspire you, who may be the fuel you may be needing to speed on forward.
With freedom comes responsibility, and it doesn’t matter where you’re working from, what will determine what you accomplish is a result of how you prioritize what you work on and how you manage your time.

You host a Coworking Meetup every Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. What is the purpose of those meetups and how can people join?

It's a chance to grab some coffee, grab a snack, meet some other people that are as interested in coworking as you are, and right out cowork. Feel free to bring your tools/stuff to get some work in. To join in, sign up for the meetup and make sure to RSVP. By the way, it's free.

Where is Axis Space exactly?

We live inside the tallest blue building in Downtown Fort Lauderdale which is hopefully hard to miss, Las Olas River House.

I'm visiting, where should I go?

Feel free to leave your car at complimentary valet parking at the main entrance of Las Olas River House. They'll point you in the right direction if you ask at the lobby.

Who can I contact with questions?

Feel free to call us and say hi at (954)368-9030 or e-mail us at