Killer Weekend Reads: Money. Charging. Pricing.

Money. Charging. Pricing.

Here we’ve compiled a few resources and tools to help bring your A-game in that category.

Harvest’s Pricing Guide

A pretty thorough field guide on pricing. Excellent to step back for a second, explore different options, and consider if you could be doing your charging differently.

The Guy That Stopped Charging Clients and Has Zero Regrets

Do you dread the whole negotiation phase with clients? Check out the approach this guy took, how he’s banned that scene from his life, and how’s it working out for him.

Inside Five Businesses That Let Their Customers Name Their Price

Real-life examples of how businesses are going about letting consumers pay what they want. A few insights as to what is working and what isn’t.

And…Β Getting Paid Online While Looking Golden

Want to receive payment from a client for your kick-ass and hard-earned work but don’t want to wait for a check in the snail-mail? Do it instantly with Harvest and Stripe.


Have anything to add? You know what to do.

Getting Paid Online While Looking Golden

tools for getting paid online


Want to receive payment from a client for your kick-ass and hard-earned work but don’t want to wait for a check in the snail-mail?

In a couple minutes you can get a free Harvest account integrated with Stripe and get paid right away. Literally.

Harvest is an awesome tool that helps you create and send invoices, estimates, time sheets. Plus, there is a free plan that is perfect for small businesses and freelancers. It’s pretty sleek, easy to use, and downright professional.

Stripe integrates with Harvest to process your payments. What is there not to love about real simplicity? Those of us who have looked into payment processing have reported seeing unicorns at the sound of this: the only thing you need to know is that you pay 2.9%+ 30cents per successful transaction. That’s it. Finito. And you can start accepting payments immediately. Unicorn.

Do you have any tips of your own that could help us all look golden? You know what to do.

On Badass Time Management

With freedom comes responsibility.

As fantastic as it is to own your time, it can be a challenge to make use of it in a smart way. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. Being able to tell the difference is an art.

Thankfully, we aren’t alone in this quest, and some very clever people have come up with their own methods to keep yourself in check and focused.

The Pomodoro Technique

In essence, it is a way to divide time in chunks with short breaks in between.Β There are two huge pros about this method. For one, you get to keep your sanity, it’s a way to develop the mind’s stamina by constantly re-energizing it instead of working non-stop until it’s completely burned out. The other huge pro, is that by starting and stopping constantly it’s easier to stay on track instead of realizing hours later that you completely sidetracked and haven’t accomplished what you had set out to.

The Bullet Journal

In a nutshell, a way to keep a close eye on what you have to do, your notes, and your thoughts. As helpful as technology is, in some cases it’s just easier to keep things analog. The method helps keep things organized, focused, and right in front of you.

What might work for someone might not for someone else. So give this methods a try, take what is useful to you, and throw out the rest.

Bonus: To help you get even better at time management without wasting time by doing processes that can be automated, here are two tools that can get the internet working for you with a couple clicks:

What works for you when it comes to keeping yourself focused and productive? Let us know.

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