You don’t have to hold hands with us or weave flower crowns. Now that everyone (or mostly everyone) has woken up to the beauty and wonder of working remotely, we realized we still need that human element (and coffee!).

Entrepreneurs and business owners alike are finding that working in an office space is sometimes necessary. Even Fortune 500 companies are issuing return-to-office notices.

What is an independent worker, growing business owner, or CEO to do? Collaborate with Axis Space! No one (not even robots!) can be inspired in a cubicle or four white walls. To bring out the best in you and your employees, we’ve created an exclusive creative, and inspiring environment.

Kofax recently downsized from thousands of square feet to a comfortable, flexible office space that allows their team to work more creatively and collaboratively.

Pernod Ricard also moved into one of our workspaces while their main office is under construction.

Cubicles are so passe!

With Axis, you’ve got everything you need to become the innovator you’re meant to be. We’ve even hired advisor friends to be your personal cheerleaders.


Some of your co-working peers can even help you come up with new ideas or give you a fresh perspective. Don’t think we’ve gone pick-me, but if you need help with something or have a question, there’s always someone around who can offer assistance.
Find your people, have some fun and get inspired at Axis.

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